Amazing acting classes! Alex is great and the space is very focused in the craft of developing the actor. Something unique that I didn’t know Dubai had it.
Kethy Kist
My career as an actress started from the courses of this academy. The best teachers Alex Broun and Leo Wong helped me a lot and inspired to open myself and to discover new feelings, emotions and skills. Also academy is very interested in growing a good actors and giving big opportunities to learn.
Diana Pavlova
Zara Stars Productions it's a very professional agency and the acting course that I attended through this agency with Alex Broun was amazing. I learned so many new things like public speaking, accessing my emotions and great technics for acting authentic and realistic. Thanks so much!
Valentina Visarion
I had a great experience taking this acting classes, the teachers were just amazing and I learned a lot on each class, definitely recommend.
Zammys Gomez
International level acting school and agency with the teachers from Hollywood. Always fun, good atmosphere and great people
Anna Korchagina
I loved the class! It was fun and easy going 🙂
Kate Silver
Great classes, teachers, vibe and environment. Fully recommend.
Nic Q
Amazing staff and amazing teacher keep it going
Nour Abu-Fadel
Good atmosphere, friendly staff and knowledgeable instructor! The future of acting looks bright…!
Author Don