Portfolio Packages

AED 365

Are you just getting started or looking to refresh your portfolio?
Our “Lite” package offers stunning photos perfect for various uses such as social media posts and submissions to casting directors.

What does it includes:
1. Studio time with 3 professionally edited images
2. Personalized consultation
3. 20% discount on our full Actor Showreel and Model portfolio packages.

Actors Showreel Packages

At Zara Stars, we have worked with several aspiring actors and understand the importance of creating a showreel that reflects unique talents of each actor. Our incredible coaches will be guiding and mentoring you to create a truly one-of-a-kind scene that shows off your best features to make a lasting impression to agents, casting directors and other industry professionals in the UAE to help you score your next project.

AED 2200

Tailored for both emerging talents and seasoned professionals seeking to refresh their profiles.

● 90 min Studio time
● 1 Script – scene with co-actor or monologue (choice of actor)
● 60 sec HD actor casting video
● Filming, editing, lights

AED 3700

A bespoke and more comprehensive package that provides you with a collection of images and videos to highlight the breadth of your emotional expressions.

● Upto 3 hour Studio time
● 1 Script (scene with actor)
● 1 Script (monologue)
● 5 Professionally edited images
● 60 sec HD actor casting video
● Acting kit
● Filming, editing, lights

Add creative make-up and hair for an additional AED 800/- in the above packages.

AED 1500

Every model needs stunning images, particularly in Dubai, to craft a professional model portfolio. With our expertise matching your requirements, we can provide you with a portfolio, ensuring the creation of top-notch model tests that are bound to unlock numerous opportunities for you.

● 60 min Studio time
● 7-10 fully edited images
● 60 sec HD casting video
● Natural make-up

Add creative make-up and hair for an additional AED 800/- in the above packages.