Filmmaking Workshop - 8 week workshop series

Learn the art of crafting captivating stories through films in our upcoming filmmaking workshop!

This workshop is designed for both beginners and experienced filmmakers. It will cover all aspects of the filmmaking process. From developing a script to directing actors, cinematography, editing, and sound design, you’ll learn how to create stunning films that captivate your audience.

Jonathan Whittaker is a New York Filmmaker and his portfolio includes impressive work in lensed features, short films, music videos, commercials, TV shows, virtual reality experiences, and 3D specials, with notable works like “Train Baby” and “America Here We Come”. Known for his distinctive storytelling style and innovative techniques, Whittaker will provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the filmmaking process, including screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and post-production in the first week of the workshop.

Participants can expect a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, enabling them to bring their creative vision to life. The sessions over 3 days and 20 hours will empower participants to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to their own film projects while also fostering valuable connections within the industry with a deeper understanding of creating their own films. This is also an opportunity to make your own short film at the end of the workshop and showcase to the wider audience through Zara Stars Productions.

Jonathan Whittaker
Filmmaking Expert. Producer, Director and Content Creator, based in New York, USA.

What will you learn?

Producing: Assembling a Crew, Production Protocol, roles of the producer.

Screenwriting: Fundamentals of writing, including story structure and screenplay format. Developing relatable characters and plausible plots.

Directing: Intro to the Craft of Film Directing, Directing Actors to get the performance your scene needs.

Cinematography: The Principles of Cinematography, Creating Visual Style, intro to the digital cinema camera systems, Introduction to cinematic lighting, including 3pt setups.

Editing: An overview of the post production process and the theory of editing.

Production Workshop: A hands-on practical class with student groups, each writes and produces a short film or scene under the guidance of the instructor.

Key Features:

  • Be a part of a short film crew.
  • Fundamentals of screenwriting, including story structure and screenplay format.
  • Attendees should be able to handle working independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment.
  • Learn the aspects of assembling a crew, production protocol and role of a producer.
  • Understand the principles of cinematography, creating your visual style, and introduction to digital cinema camera systems.
  • Learn to direct actors, in getting the performance a scene needs.
  • Attendees should be able to write and produce a short film or scenes in a group.
  • Practical sessions on different aspects of filmmaking.
  • Get your short films or scenes featured on our social media pages to reach a wider audience.

Workshop dates: May 19 – May 21

Starts at 9.00 am. Learn 3 modules each day/2hrs each, 6hrs per day.

Venue: Zara Stars, 1504 Grosvenor Business Tower, Al Fosool Street, Barsha Heights, Dubai.

WhatsApp: +971586837077

Cost: Select one from two options:

AED 1,950/- 3-day workshop with an opportunity to make a short film on the last day of the workshop

AED 1500/- For only Day 1&2