Zara Rakhimova

A journey from a small town to being in front of a big camera

“In his famous poem “The Road Not Taken”, Robert Frost talks about how a person is compelled to make choices in life. Some people try taking shortcuts to success while others take the longer more arduous route, a journey which has numerous obstacles and where success is never guaranteed. Yet, the journey itself teaches the traveller so much more about life, something far more valuable than the successes.

At a young age, Zara knew she wanted to be part of the magical world of cinema. Her journey took her to different countries like the United States, Russia, Europe, Asia, etc. Each step presented its challenges and opportunities. “I have learned well that we should always be conscious of what we want in life and be in the present moment and, enjoy the process while working hard each day. As Confucius is reportedly to have said, Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

 According to Zara, to accomplish something you don’t have to go to far away lands, you can find your victories where you are “We just need to be focused and consistent in whatever we do because all the opportunities are actually; right here and now” she said. She believes and lives her philosophy; your world is actually all around you.


It is no wonder that the Middle East has brought forth many successful stars in different fields who exceled in their homeland and the world beyond. Middle East provides countless opportunities for young people in many fields and it is now also so in the emerging entertainment and film industry. Zara is putting in great efforts to take advantage of this incredible opportunity by launching Zara Stars, a film and event production, talent training and ZStars a modeling and artist placement company. Whilst being a  sought after fashion model and actor Zara is pursuing her vision to create opportunities and a platform for artists like her.

Zara’s own journeyis quintessential of a dream to reality passage. She now wants to help others realise their potential, help them find their star and fly high.