Mastering Monologues | 4-Week Workshop Series | With Showreel

1.250,00 د.إ

Say goodbye to the days of solitary rehearsals in your bedroom because it’s time to elevate your acting game in a vibrant community of like-minded actors. Led by Hollywood Producer Leo Wong, this immersive experience goes beyond traditional training methods. Discover the secrets to preparing, embodying, and delivering monologues with unparalleled clarity, strength, and authenticity.

In Mastering Monologues, Leo is going to show you how to find the nuggets of gold in a script that will allow you to make powerful, unique acting choices that make you stand out and master that monologue piece in auditions and on screen!

Learn to make bold and compelling acting choices that set you apart from the competition. This workshop has no finish line, we recommend that you repeat the course often.

4 sessions x 2 hours + Certification + Showreel